Mo. Dept. of Conservation bans porous-soled waders

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Missouri Department of Conservation is banning porous-soled waders in trout waters on March 1st.

Candice Davis, with the department says the waders with felt on the bottom can transport invasive algae from waterway to waterway.Ru

Russell Duckworth with the MDC says particularly, "didymo" or "rock snot" lays in thick mats on the bottom of cold water streams. She says it reduces the quality and quantity of food vital to fish like trout. The algae is also known to clog boat motors.

So he says it's important to not wear these porous waders.

"They have moss, or the rocks are really slick so it prevents them from sliding, but it also has a very porous sole on it and this rock snot, didymo can actually get into the fibers of the felt on the bottom and you leave a river in Arkansas or wherever it may be, and then come to one of our trout streams in Missouri, well it's still alive and you can actually transplant it from there to here," said Duckworth.

According to the Duckworth, currently the species is not found in Missouri, but someone can easily transport it via fishing equipment, like waders, boots, or life-jackets.

Tips to prevent transporting the algae:

1. Remove any visible algae from equipment. Put it in the trash, not in the water or drain.

2. Clean equipment with bleach, saltwater, or dish soap.

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