Parade floats light up downtown Carbondale

21st Annual Lights Fantastic Parade
21st Annual Lights Fantastic Parade

The 21st Annual Lights Fantastic Parade made its way down Illinois Ave. in Carbondale, kicking off the holiday season.

Hundreds lined the street to watch more than 15 glowing floats, dancers, musicians.  Those attending Saturday's parade say it is about tradition and getting outdoors to enjoy the holiday season.

"It's a family thing," says Chasta Weldon of Alto Pass, IL. "That's what it's meant for."

For some the event lights their spirit. "All the lights and everybody is in a good mood," said Laina Hembree of DuQuoin, IL . "People are friendly and they're just out to have a good time.  I think it's wonderful. "

Santa Claus was the jolly conclusion of the 2011 Lights Fantastic Parade.

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