Thefts up during holiday season

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - While you're picking up gifts for your family and friends, thieves might be trying to pick up what you've purchased from you.

Lt. Rodney Barnes with the Jackson Police Department says they see thefts increase during the holiday season.

"Anytime during the holiday season you're going to have more thefts," said Barnes. "Criminals realize there are presents under the tree and things like that, so you have to be especially cautious of burglars."

Before you've even put the gifts under the tree, while you're still out purchasing them, can be a prime time for thieves.

Barnes says to be sure to keep packages in your trunk or out of sight, and lock your car.

"Realize you can't leave your vehicle unlocked with high dollar items inside, because the potential for someone to take them is always there," said Barnes. "We would like to believe it doesn't happen, but unfortunately it does."

He encourages people to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

And he says the number one thing to help prevent crime during the holiday season, or anytime of the year....use common sense.

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