Lipitor going generic today

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - One of the best selling prescription drugs in history is set to go generic Wednesday.

The maker of the cholesterol drug Lipitor is losing it's patent protection. But the maker Pfizer isn't giving up on it's world sales that easily.

Lipitor had peak sales of more than $13-billion and is still bringing in $11-billion a year. But the drug isn't cheap for consumers, especially for those who have no insurance.

That's about to change with a generic form of the drug hits the marketplace.

"Some of the people who were not able to afford the Lipitor will be able to very soon when this great drug goes generic. That means a great cost savings to most people," said Ben Calcaterra, RPH and owner of Logan Primary Pharmacy.

"Unfortunately there will only be one manufacturer of the generic form which eliminates competition. They will be able to charge slightly less then the brand name product. So it will still be quite expensive to purchase without insurance."

But, Calcaterra points out that the real savings on the generic form of Lipitor will come in a few more months.

"Several months down the road other manufacturers will be able to bring out their equivalent products, competition will then lower the price."

And Calcaterra wants to remind everyone that no matter if it's the generic of brand name drug there are still safety concerns with the drug.

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