Naylor school battles water problem, closed for two weeks

NAYLOR, MO (KAIT) - Superintendent Sherry Burns says the high school has been battling a water leak under the building for a couple of weeks.

Burns, "It actually didn't flood the building. The water ran underneath the building and actually didn't ever surface."

The leak was discovered because of huge water meter readings. Forty-one thousand gallons were used in a 10 day period, when they would normally use around 21 Thousand. Cost wise that means a normal bill of $231 to a whopping $783 for a month. They had to isolate the problem from the Ag building, the library and the High School.

Once the leak was located they first  tried stop gap measures.

Burns, "We would shut the meter off at night and turn it back on in the morning to try and save the water from running underneath the building." Burns said Saturday activities were moved to other buildings.

Superintendent Burns said they then looked at a couple ways of fixing the leak. The first option was to tear out the floors and repair the existing pipes.

Burns, "This building was built in 1956 which makes it a 55 year old structure. We did seek a bid to do that and that bid was in excess of 125 Thousand dollars."

Instead of digging up the floors and causing possible structural damage. What they did was cut those pipes off and run new overhead pipes to the bathrooms and the kitchens.

And while they were in the middle of this plumbing project. They put in new potties.

Burns, "Commodes that were in there were at least 40 years old and several of them had bad flush valves."

All told, school has been out about two weeks. But in that time there were vacation days.

Burns, "We've missed five days in addition to the days that were already scheduled and today and our hopes are to be back in session tomorrow." The school runs long days and was scheduled to let out on May 7th. Now they will add these missed days onto the end of the year.

The new plastic pipes called Aquapex are not to be considered a stop-gap measure.

Burns, "I would say that a new high school would be in the plans for the next 10-15 years."

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