With Black Friday over, it's time for Cyber Monday

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The second wave of the holiday shopping frenzy hits at midnight. That's when "Cyber Monday" kicks off.

Online retailers are hoping shoppers click on the deals.

The cash registers are ringing and the aisles are full of shoppers, and the holiday shopping season is in full swing.

But do people prefer to shop in a store or on the computer?

I actually prefer to shop in the store. But I do like shopping online because they have more deals and stuff," said Ashley Crosby of Carbondale. " But when you're in the store you get to see stuff, feel it and try it on. So that is the reason I prefer to shop in the store."

And for some people, shopping in a store is a family affair.

There are definitely advantages to both on line stores and shopping the retail stores.

"My personal thought is that shopping online is a lot more easier and quicker," said James Harrell of Carbondale. "But I would say the difference is going inside the store, you have associates who are able to help and answer more questions then you are online."

And sometimes clicking on a deal is a whole lot easier then braving the elements to shop in a store.

But the majority of the people Sunday said the old-fashioned way of shopping is still their preferred way for the holidays.

"I do both, I bought a lot of stuff on line this year just because it's easier to do that then go to the store," said Heather Pace of Carbondale. "But then there's just a couple of things you can't get online that you can find in a store right away, that you need right away."

But if this year's Cyber Monday even comes close to last years, online retailers will still cash in.

Sales last year on Cyber Monday topped a $1 billion.

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