Thanksgiving dinner costs up 13% over last year

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The turkey, trimmings and holiday favorites may take a bigger bite out of your Thanksgiving budget.

A new study conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation shows that this year's increase in food prices will translate directly to the increased cost of your turkey dinner.

Food prices are up for several reasons, including the rise in fuel and energy prices, bad weather seasons that affect crops, and a recent period of inflation.

"Everything is more. I've just noticed everything is more," Diane Ciolek said, a last-minute shopper who stocked up Wednesday morning.

Nationwide, the cost of turkeys has increased by about 20 percent, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. A 16-pounder will cost you $4 more than last year.

The Farm Bureau reported the cost to feed 10 people will be about $48.69. It created its price estimate through a survey of grocery store prices taken by volunteer shoppers.

"Just with supply and demand, if there's a shortage, we'll see a little bit of a spike. We understand what the economy has been and what it continues to be and try to meet our needs and meet the need of customers as well," Jonathan Alexander said.

The only two items to show a price dip: a group of "miscellaneous ingredients" necessary to prepare the meal, including eggs, sugar, flour, evaporated milk and butter, decreased by 12 cents.

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