Corps of Engineers releases levee rebuild project update

NEW MADRID, MO (KFVS) - The Army Corps of Engineers have released an update to levee work being done this week at Birds Point.

Officials say earthwork was suspended Sunday morning due to heavy rain, and work at the upper and center crevasses were to continue on Thursday and Friday.

Officials say the district began running a 10-man night shift on Nov. 11. Crews are resuming levee reconstruction to close the 800-foot gap as weather permits.

Crews delivered and spread clay on November 18 at the center crevasse to begin levee construction.

Crews only have around 2-percent of work remaining at the lower crevasse. The remaining work consist of seeding the levee with grass to prevent erosion.

At the upper crevasse, 26 personnel and 30 pieces of equipment are on site. Crews say survey results  indicate the entire 9,000-feet of levee is at or above at Cairo gage elevation of 51-feet.

Crews continued filling the land side of the levee back to level grade, until rain suspended work on Sunday. Limited work to build the 55-foot levee has begun with nearly 4,000-feet of foundation in place. Officials say the focus is to complete the land side clay bed so assets can be shifted fully to constructing the higher 55-foot levee.

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