Does it Work Wednesday: Snap-on Feathers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's the hottest trend sweeping the nation: feathers. In the Heartland, you can have feathers infused into your hair at many local salons. Now though, Telebrands offers Snap-on Feathers for only $10.

"I really wanted to get one, but I didn't think it'd be the best choice."

You see Jaime Travers forecasting weather from the Heartland StormTeam.

But now, she's my tester for this Does it Work test. I chose some bright pink feathers for Jaime's brunette mane. The directions say all we do is snap into place, but Jaime and I have some trouble actually getting the cheaply-made clips to do just that.

We end up bending them before sliding the feathers into Jaime's hair.

"I feel like I'm ripping out my hair."

There's no way she can easily style her hair with this feather in it. It even has a bead that gets in the way.

"The bead is a big thing."

Meantime, the feathers many hair stylists offer  intertwine with your locks and can last up to several days in the shower. These do not.

However, Jaime does see one advantage to this snap-on version.

"If you can't wear it every day because of your job, then I guess that's a decent alternative."

"I don't think the bosses would like it if I had a feather sticking out..."

So, we're not tearing out our hair over this product, but we're also not rushing out to buy the snap-on version either.

"C+ would be good."

You get two strands for $10. We clip a 'C+' into place for Telebrands Snap-on Feathers on this Does it Work test.