Second animal neglect case in Kennett in a week

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - It's the second case of animal neglect this week in Kennett.

Kennett Humane Department Officer Tena Petix says she went to a home on King St. in Kennett, where they found a cocker spaniel matted to the point it could barely move its legs, or open its mouth. Petix says the dogs paws were double the size they should be, and feces were matted to the dog's skin.

She says there was urine and feces covering the floor of the home.

Petix did say this was the only animal living in the home at the time.

She says police gave the dog owner a citation for animal neglect, and will face a court date on December 14.

Earlier this week, 59-year-old Robert Hess faces eight counts of animal neglect. Authorities say he had two cats and six dogs inside his home, which they described as conditions hard to stomach.

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