Toy Testers 2011: Flying Fish and more!

JONESBORO, IL (KFVS) - Six toys for kindergarten students in Jonesboro, Illinois to put to the test!

They had some trouble getting the hottest new Transformer to change to all of  its different shapes, but the $60 Ultimate Optimus Prime is tops among some.

"It's cool if a parent wants to sit down for an hour and go through all the instructions. The kids played a couple minutes then lost interest. Others loved it," said teacher Susan Ramsey.

"I"d give it a 'C' probably."

For the girls, little hands always were inside this Mini Lalaloopsy tree house. "It was a lot of fun."

Teacher Susan Ramsey though doesn't like the price or all the tiny pieces. "I'd say a 'B' only because $40 is too expensive."

Let's go even smaller. Toy makers call Ickee Stickees the "must-have collectible" this year. They pop and stick almost everywhere.  They're also cheap enough at a buck each, if your kids lose interest, you're not out too much money.

"They seemed to like it somewhat. It's a good stocking stuffer. B minus."

She says the same for the $10 Fyr Flyz, the LED lit-up modern yo-yo, if you will.

"However, I'd say the battery is already dead. They didn't play with it enough for it to be dead already."

"A grade 'B'."

The class favorite is a classic itself....Connect 4....except in this twist, you launch your pieces onto this board with Connect 4 Launchers.  There are several variations of the game, too, so this game can grow with your kids.

It's easy to see this $18 game hits the target with an 'A'.

Even with an added duet this year, the newest version of Sing-a-majigs falls silent on our test.

"It didn't hold their interest. I'd say a 'D'."

Now to the attention-grabber, Animal Planet's Air Swimmers shark! You control the swimming fish, after you blow it up and make a few repairs along the way.

"Well, I did like it until it broke."

"Within two minutes, it wasn't working."

"The kids enjoyed it when it worked, but parts were falling off. A few 8th graders couldn't even get it to work."

It's 40 dollars to start, and typically $20 for a refill helium tank.  "I'm giving it an F!"

Maybe this shark will swim better in a quiet home, but keep this in mind we set up one of the empty toy boxes next to some markers. The kids had a blast with the empty box! Some never even played with our toys!

"The empty box is getting an A-plus, by the way," said Ramsey.

Maybe you won't wrap this up as a gift. "But keep 'em handy with markers and crayons. The kids had a ball and are requesting more boxes," she said.

That packs away a cheap, budget friendly lesson for us all on this Does it Work toy test.

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