Police: Southeast MO State student admits to duck dumping

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Authorities at Southeast Missouri State University say releasing surveillance video of last Sunday's duck dumping incident at a Greek housing building paid off.

DPS Director Doug Richards tells me a family member contacted authorities after seeing our 6pm report Thursday, identifying the man seen in the video as a Southeast student.

Richards says the man came in shortly before 10:00pm Thursday night and confessed to throwing dead and decaying ducks inside the lobby of the K building, at the entrance for the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.

Richards identifies the student as a member of another fraternity on campus.

As the DPS case against the student wraps up, authorities with the Missouri Department of Conservation continues its investigation.

Conservation investigator Russell Duckworth says the student who admitted to the duck dumping says he did not kill the ducks.

Duckworth says he wants to know where they were harvested, and whether or not the hunter or hunters had the proper permits.

Several campus security cameras caught images of an unknown man and his passenger circling through the Greek housing area around 4:20 p.m. Nov. 13.

The men are traveling in a red Dodge pickup truck.

The driver, a white male with dark hair in a white tee-shirt and jeans, gets out and jumps in back as the passenger slides over to take the wheel.

The surveillance video shows the man get out of the back carrying something in both hands.

He's seen dropping something, then kicking it to the curb.

A camera near a side entrance of the K building captures the man opening a door, throwing both handfuls in, and taking off.

"I was in my room when I first got the call. And they said dead ducks and I was surprised. I had no idea what he meant," said fraternity member and resident assistant Sebastian Foeller.

Foeller went to the lobby to find dead ducks, 16 of them.

The unknown man left several fresh and decaying carcasses scattered inside the building lobby.

"When I heard dead ducks, I thought they would be in a bag. I wasn't really expecting to see them just strewn all about on the floor," said Greek Area Hall Director Christine Loy.

Loy is actually right about a bag.  It's what the guy's seen dropping as he heads toward the building.

"A prank can oftentimes turn into a crime. And that's exactly what's happened here. If this was a prank, it's turned into a crime," Southeast DPS Chief Doug Richards said.

Richards says his office is working with the Department of Conservation to identify the duck dumper, and here's why.

Conservation Agent Russell Duckworth explains, anytime wildlife is harvested and the edible portion of the animal is dumped or discarded, it's considered a wanton waste violation.

Duckworth says it's clear a hunter shot and killed the ducks before they became a morbid floor display.

"I'm an animal lover, so it is kind of disappointing or disgusting when you see this," Richards said.

"Everyone was a little surprised and confused," Foeller said, "but I mean, it's a college campus so we kind of like, whatever, and just go with it."

Anyone with information on the man, the red truck, or the crime in general can contact the Southeast Missouri State Department of Public Safety anonymous tip line at 573-651-2595 or the Missouri Department of Conservation tip line at 1-800-392-1111.

Conservation Agent Duckworth says you may be eligible for a reward.

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