Goat and dog mystery travelers in Sturdivant

STURDIVANT, MO (KFVS) - In a town where everybody knows everybody, a dog and goat pair stand out in Sturdivnant. The mystery travelers apparently decide the home of William and Stephanie Tackett seemed like a good place to stop.

"My husband heard them behind the cars," said Stephanie. "He came in and said quick we've got a goat and two dogs, and I told him we don't have a goat!"

Stephanie Tackett says originally they had a third companion, a large dog who apparently felt like the third wheel and took off.

The Tackett's were also surprised to find the goat is so friendly.

"That goat is the nicest goat," said Stephanie. "He loves to have his horns rubbed!"

The Tackett's say the dog and goat will hardly separate. The pair sleep together and will 'call' for one another when they don't see their companion.

Stephanie already gave them names: "Billy Bob Thorton, and Buddy," said Stephanie. "It just fits."

So where did the pair come from? Even in a town where people say they not only know their neighbors, but their neighbor's animals, nobody has any idea.

The goat has a tag on his ear, but so far that has not helped track down the owner either. Meanwhile in his search for an owner, William discovered the pair has been spotted before.

"The people over at Greenbrier said they were on the porch Saturday morning," said William.

The couple hopes to track down the owner of the pair. So far, the Humane Society and Sheriff's Department also say they do not know where the pair belongs.

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