Paducah city commission considers allowing homeless shelters

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The Paducah city commission is considering an ordinance that would allow homeless shelters with in the Paducah city limits.

During the city commission meeting Tuesday, Planning Director Steve Ervin brief the mayor and council on the draft of an ordinance.

Seven organizations in McCracken County offer housing and/or services for the homeless.

Recently, Devien Burnett and Jeff Golightly requested to rehabilitate a building at 1227 Tennessee Street into a homeless shelter.

This is close to the area in Paducah known as "tent city."

The draft ordinance outlines requirements for a homeless shelter including location constraints, permit requirements, and shelter standards, according to the city commission meeting highlights.  It must also have a continuous, on-site operator, an approved code of conduct for its residents, adequate external lighting, laundry facilities, and a written management plan.

During the city commission meeting, the mayor and commissioners voiced their support for allowing homeless shelters within the city limits.

A public hearing with the Paducah Planning Commission regarding the draft ordinance is scheduled for Nov. 21.  The final draft of the ordinance would be introduced by the city commission in December.

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