Toy Testers 2011: Educational tablets & cameras

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - First graders in Tonia Pillers Sikeston classroom are eager to get their hands on three toys worth more than $200!

"Oh, look it made you have a funny nose!"

Each holiday season, Fisher Price captures the hit with a "kid tough" digital camera. This year, you can swivel the lens and take pictures of yourself, but that's not all.

"It made me look like Frankenstein!"

There are all kinds of effects you can add and print with this $70 skid-resistant camera that teacher Tonia Pillers says kids of all ages will enjoy, including adults!  It also shoots video.

"They loved the camera!"

Once again, Fisher Price easily clicks an 'A' on this hit.

This next toy....does not.

"The laptop was ok. They didn't like it as well."

"Not so good because it doesn't have that many games."

VTech's Brilliant Creations Beginner Laptop leaves our little testers longing for more.

From the minimal games to the small screen, it just didn't hold their attention.

"The laptop got a 'C."

For $30, we couldn't expect it to do as much as the $70 hot new VTech Innotab.

"It has cool games. It connects stars and makes things."

Think of innoTab like a mini iPad, minus an Internet connection.

"By far, it is the class favorite. It had all kinds of things to maneuver."

The class even used it during their reading stations. Parents, buy rechargeable batteries. These first graders used it so much, it didn't take much time to wear out!

"It's super fun to me!"

There's no doubt any child will probably like downloading their own e-books, using the art tablet, listening to the built-in mp3 player and more with VTech's InnoTab Learning App tablet.

"One student even gave it an A++++!"

It swipes its way to the top on this Does it Work toy test.