Toy Testers 2011: Toys ages 8 and up

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Ready to ramp up this toy test? Let's get right to results for seven hot new toys as tested by third graders in Mrs. Sarah DeLuca's class at Alma Schrader in Cape Girardeau.

First, some board games are playing mind games with us.

"Simon Flash was not the best," said teacher Sarah Deluca. Turns out remaking the hit 80s game shuffled it right into our 'dislike' category. The tiles are movable now, but these third graders wanted to move onto another game. Teacher Sarah Deluca says perhaps pre-teens would like the memory challenge more. "C or C minus!"

The kids also didn't like the new spin on another game that's been out: Bop it. With the new version, you can now flick it, spin it and shake it, all while dueling your friends*and with headphones. Our testers found one problem.

"It wasn't really that loud," said one student. "The downfall is the headphones. They're great for Mom and Dad, but you can't duel it out because there's only one jack." Flying solo the kids liked it, prompting us to give Bopit XT a fair grade 'C.'

Another game though is the overall class favorite in our seven toys: Jungle Speed! Be the first to get rid of all your cards and grab the wooden totem, but be careful of tricks along the way. "It makes them think, so I'd give it an A minus."

Let's take a break from the thinking and get some fresh air outdoors with the newest scooter. "It's a lot of balance." Helmets required, you can kick or rock yourself ahead but Mrs. Deluca says gift-givers might shop around because this model is about $150. "I'd give it a grade 'B' because they did have a lot of fun with it but research a bit."

The kids also had lots of fun making their own jewelry, complete with beads, sparkle and shine all in Crayola's $25 Jewelry Boutique. "I want this. This is fun!" said one student. "Kids loved it. They took home bracelets." That creates an easy 'A'.'

Now, spy in on this next toy. It took the kids no time at all to put together Playmobil's Robo Gang truck, but the little sleuths solved this problem: it needs a remote control to really help you spy with the Spy Agents spy camera. "You could put the camera in the front seat and push it to see what people were doing," said one student. You guessed it. Each part is sold separately and more than $100 total. "I'd give it a 'B'. It also takes a lot of batteries."

"Yeah!" Meantime, the whole class is flipping over the Lazer Stunt Chaser set, especially because it has a turbo button. Also, these ramps and cones are cool and sold separately, but the kids had just as much fun without 'em. "We took it outside on our playground and it went on a blacktop." The Laser Stunt Chaser car easily cruises to the top with an 'A'' on this Does it Work toy test.

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