Does it Work Toy Testers 2011: Train sets

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - All aboard! This toy test features four of the hottest new train sets from plastic to wooden tracks. Here's what 3 and 4 year olds played with most after more than a week of toy testing.

Fisher Price's "Cranky and Flynn Save the Day" is the big eye-catcher, but these tiny hands have trouble using the remote control. Still,  it's an instant delight, even after the crane comes apart several times. Over time, the train set pulled to a slow stop.

"I think it did get old very quick."

Although teacher Diane Huntington says the $60 set is still tops among a few of her students.

Fisher Price's Cranky and Flynn Save the Day earns a "C".

Let's switch tracks and go classic with the $70 Thomas and Belle to the Rescue.  It was the hardest to put together, and got lost among all the action. We want to point out though  there's no denying it's the most durable. These students have a similar classic train table in their classroom they already play with almost daily, says their teacher.

"If it was the only one here, it'd be used a lot. It's nice and sturdy," she said.

That's  a sturdy grade 'B' for it then.

Now to our loudest track--the $50 Chuggington Die Cast Rev 'n Race railway.

"I even had students complain it was noisy."

These little hands preferred moving the engines along themselves, rather than speeding them through with the turnstile. Our teacher says older "conductors" might like it, but not so much here.

"I think a 'D' on that one. I wasn't impressed."

Now to the class favorite and what's supposedly the most popular train set this season: the Chuggington Interactive Railway.

"This is where he washes himself."

With multiple stops and lots of sound effects, this set is interactive and played with the most.

"That's my favorite. That's an 'A."

The  $60 toy also allows trains from other sets to chug on down its tracks and sounds the whistle at top speed on this Does it Work toy test.