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Toy Testers Week! See Lauren's first test of train tracks at 6:15 this morning.
Toy Testers Week! See Lauren's first test of train tracks at 6:15 this morning.

Good Morning
Today is Monday, November 14

This morning Brian says the weather should be mild as you get ready for work and school. But it's later today you might want to get prepared for this morning. Watch what he's forecasting starting at 4:30 this morning on The Breakfast Show.

Overnight there have been at least two fires that emergency crew rushed to fight. We now know of a large fire at a cotton gin in Marston. This morning there are a couple of cNews pictures sent in by a viewer that show the extent of the fire. Tyler Profilet will be live in Marston with the latest.

The other fire we know of was in Ste. Genevieve at a nursing home. Stephanie is working to gather more information on this to report on The Breakfast Show.

This morning Lauren kicks-off her Toy Testers week! Today at 6:15 - she gets the help of a local school to test out popular train tracks.

Also this morning, we'll show you how crooks are hacking into more and more cell phones. So now you not only need to know what's protecting your computer - you also need to protect your phone.

And then around 5:45 this morning - we'll show you how some say DNA can predict a child's ability in sports.

Thanks for getting up early wit Jim, Lauren and Brian today! I hope you have a great Monday.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
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