Church reaches out to homeless Sikeston mom

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - There is happy news to report about a homeless mom from Sikeston. Heartland News first told you about Brittney Patrick on Thursday. She put out a call for help online, saying she desperately wanted a home for herself and her three young children.

A local church saw the story and felt compelled to help.

First United Methodist Church of Sikeston didn't hesitate to reach out. First by getting Patrick off the streets, and eventually to get her and her three kids into a permanent home.

Brittney says she's thankful and overwhelmed.

"I woke the kids up, and I said they're going to help us get a home," Patrick said.

It was the answer to many prayers for Brittney Patrick and her children, one-year-old Kaden, 3-year-old Calee, and 4-year-old Blake.

First United is working to get this homeless mother of three a place to live

"I just can't believe it, when they called I just couldn't believe it," said Patrick. "I went and told the kids we're going to have a home for Christmas!"

At just 22-years-old, Brittney found herself with nowhere to live, and three young children to care for. She works as a home health nurse, but barely got 13 hours a week with health problems and the economy taking a toll. She says everything just feel apart.

She's spent the last two years in limbo between relatives, friends and homeless shelters

In a hopeless moment, the young mother posted her story on the website

She had no idea it would cross post to Craigslist. That's where it caught the eye of our viewers who contacted us.

When Worship Coordinator Brad Aycock heard about Brittney, he says God put it on his heart to rally the church to reach out.

"As a Christian it's just something we needed to do, we need to reach out to everyone in need," Aycock said.

Immediately they contacted Brittney, first putting her in a hotel and now working to see which church members have a residence she might be able to use. From there, a permanent address.

"We'd like to get her into a Habitat for Humanity house," said Pastor Geoff Posegate. "Since she's working she's a perfect candidate for that."

Brittney says after she posted on the site 2hands she felt at peace and knew something good would happen. She encourages others in need of an angel to go to the site. Little did she know what blessings would be in store.

"I can't believe how it helped me I am so thankful," Patrick said.

Patrick hopes now that she has a place to live, she can also focus on getting the surgeries she needs for an infected hernia.

Again, she wants to thank everyone for all their calls, emails and generosity.

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