Penn State scandal affects alumni everywhere

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The alleged child sex abuse case on the Penn State campus is taking a toll on alumni everywhere.

"I was devastated when I heard about it," said Penn State Alumni Rachael Urbanek.

Urbanek was on the Penn State campus from 2001-2005. The exact time period when the Nittany Lions former defensive coach Jerry Sandusky was allegedly raping a 10-year-old boy in a football facility shower.

"It's not something that you ever want to hear anywhere, let alone for us at Penn State. We take a lot of pride coming from that university," said Urbanek.

It's a pride for the white and blue that goes generations for Urbanek.

"Penn State has been a part of my family tradition. I grew up in a Penn State family. My father went to Penn State, so did my grandfather and brother."

"When you come from Penn State you have an identity. And you are a Penn-Stater for life," said Urbanek.

As she sat on her couch on Saturday and watched as her Nittany Lions took the field for the first time in 46 years without their legendary coach Joe Paterno, Urbanek says she and fellow alumni will work to restore their school's image.

"We want to show our support for the victims. And say that we're there for you, even though we don't know you, we're there for you."

"I'm sure that there will be continuing efforts as time goes on. As we hear more news and things unravel about what happened, more philanthropy and more support for victims of this sort," said Urbanek.

Rachael is currently finishing up her graduate studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

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