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MISSING: Hilda and Charles Edward Jackson of Paducah (Source: Paducah Police Department)
MISSING: Hilda and Charles Edward Jackson of Paducah (Source: Paducah Police Department)
MISSING: Baby Lisa - KC police re interview 2 boys living in the home.
MISSING: Baby Lisa - KC police re interview 2 boys living in the home.

Good Morning
Today is Friday, November 11 - Veterans Day

Chances are your heater was on overnight - or you've woken up to a cold house. The temperature for most of us dropped below freezing this morning. But that doesn't mean today will be a complete loss for getting outside. Tune in starting at 4:30 to see the pleasant change Brian will be talking about for later today.

Today is also Veterans Day. On The Breakfast Show Tyler will be live in Bloomfield at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery and the Stars & Stripes Museum and Library talking about events happening around the Heartland today.

This morning police in Paducah are asking for help locating a missing elderly couple. Look at the picture on the side, Hilda and Charles Edward Jackson, both 87-years-old were last seen around 11:30 Thursday morning when they left their home in Paducah. As of 4 a.m. This morning police say they are still missing and both suffer from dementia. Click through to the story on our home page to get much more information.

We are also getting new information into the newsroom this morning about the investigation into the missing baby in Kansas City. Police confirm they have interviewed two of the young boys who were living in the home for a second time Thursday. We'll update you more on this throughout the morning on The Breakfast Show.

Overnight we have also gathered new details on a hit and run incident in Ste. Genevieve County that has left a bicyclist with serious injuries.

We also now have more details on a fire truck wreck in Butler County. This happened early this morning around 12:30.

Also new this morning - talk that St. Louis Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols will meet with the Florida Marlins. If something new crosses the wires on this we'll pass it directly on to you.

And here's something else that might get passed directly on to you if you are an on-line shopper - sales tax! I'll admit it - I've shopped on-line to avoid paying sales tax on some larger items. But that might change if Congress passes a new measure to require sales tax on anything you buy - even on eBay! See the story at 5:00 this morning.

Over the last week there have been some major changes with the upcoming Oscars including Eddie Murphy dropping out as host. Well now there's a new name stepping up to take his place... and let's just say the producers of the show are hoping he'll be marvelous!

I hope you can enjoy your Friday by starting it out with Jim, Lauren, Brian, Stephanie, Tyler and the rest of the behind the scenes Breakfast Show team. We all appreciate you tuning in each morning.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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