Homeless mom goes online for help

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - To look at Brittney Patrick of Sikeston and her children, Calee, Kaden and Blake you would never guess they are homeless.

Patrick says they've been bouncing between friends, family and homeless shelters for the last two years.

"It's scary," said Patrick. "It all fell apart after Kaden was born. I just want a home for my babies."

Slowly but surely, Patrick says hard times got the best of her. Patrick says hours as a home health nurse fell off to 13. It's a job she got against doctor's orders. She also has an infected hernia and has had multiple surgeries.

A tough situation, but Patrick says she must provide for her children.

"They are my world," said Patrick of her kids who range in age from one to four years.

She and her mother, Donna Beeson decided to put out a call for help online.

It read: "I am a twenty-two year old single mom, I want to get a job and work two jobs, I just need help getting a steady home for me and my babies that's my only wish."

"There are two types of homeless people, the ones that don't want a work and just want a place to live and the rest who are really working hard and trying to do the best they can," said Patrick.

The post went out on the site www.2hands.org, a site that says it's for people who need an angel. The listings cross-post to Craigslist.

Brittney says that's where she heard immediate response.

"I can't imagine being in your shoes," read Beeson from one of the emails that came from a woman 400 miles away. "I thought I would try to help."

No one has offered a workable solution but Patrick says she is touched to hear so many people care.

"I just want a place for them to say 'Mommy let's go lets go home, let's go to our home,'" said Brittney.

To get in touch with Brittney Patrick call: 573-275-6724 or email: dbeeson2006@hotmail.com

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