Jackson Board of Alderman hear opinions of annexation of quarry

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Heartland Materials, LLC wants the City of Jackson to annex the 240-acres near Interstate 55 and Highway 61, but some people say no way.

Monday evening the City of Jackson Board of Alderman held a public hearing to listen to both sides of the issue.

Heartland Materials, LLC representatives told the board this would be a good business deal for both them and the city.

People against the annexation said they don't want to see the entrance to a city of "beautiful homes, churches, schools, and parks," turn into a quarry.

Some said they worry since the heart of Jackson won't be next to the quarry, no one will monitor the quarry standards.

Abby Petzoldt thinks the process is moving too fast, and urges city leaders to sit back and think.

"It's very dangerous to the rest of the area, I just don't think it's a smart zoning decision, I don't think it's a smart planning decision for the city of Jackson, and I just think it needs to slow down a bit and take a better look at it," said Petzoldt. "I don't see that Jackson has an interest in policing the quarries. I don't know if the citizens of Fruitland have an interest or can even shut them down at this point, but we would be more interested in making sure they are staying up to standard."

"The quarries are very clearly seeking the shelter of the City of Jackson, for whatever reason that may be," said Tim Sutter, another person against the annexation. "They obviously said that its a win win situation for themselves and the City of Jackson."

Sutter says they don't want to stop the quarry, they just don't want it in that spot.

"We know we can't stop the quarries," said Sutter. "And we know all we can do as a village is simply ask the quarry to adhere to the permits to adhere to the rules of the law. Apparently they have a different deal with Jackson, because Jackson can do no more than what we could do there, but we certainly have a concern because of the distance from the City of Jackson proper, there is a potential that Jackson may not be as vigilant in being able to monitor the activities of the quarry."

Heartland Materials, LLC representatives didn't want to comment further on the application for annexation into Jackson.

The meeting was a public hearing, and no decision was made.

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