Bargaining to continue Tuesday between union & SIUC

Talks between the two sides and a federal mediator resumed at 3 p.m. Sunday.
Talks between the two sides and a federal mediator resumed at 3 p.m. Sunday.

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Negotiations will resume Tuesday after another day and still no deal in the contract dispute between faculty members and the administration at Southern Illinois University.

Instead of heading to the classroom, some educators walked the picket line again Monday.

Both sides are still negotiating.

The SIUC administration's bargaining team presented the Faculty Association's negotiating team with a revised proposal on all remaining items at dispute at 5:17 p.m. Monday.

The administration's team then informed the FA team that they were departing for the evening and wished to resume negotiations Tuesday morning. The FA's bargaining team will return to bargaining with the administration team Tuesday.

"While we will seriously consider the board team's revised offer, we are extremely disappointed that they have broken off negotiations this evening," FA spokesperson Dave Johnson said in a written statement.  "Their premature departure ensures that the strike by faculty on the SIUC campus will continue at least one more day. The faculty team will work through the evening to prepare for negotiations and be ready to meet with the BOT team Tuesday morning."

Johnson said earlier in the day Monday the FA was committed to staying in the student center until a deal is reached.

"I think there's be some progress on narrowing the number of issues that divide us," Johnson said. "But there are still some substantial differences between the two teams and that's why we were unable to reach an agreement last [Sunday] night."

"There is no deadline on it," said Rod Sievers, SIUC spokesperson. "Nobody put anything said 'You got to have it done by this particular time.' But the fact that they're meeting in an around-the-clock session I think it a very good thing."

A federal mediator was called in Sunday at 3 p.m. and bargaining negotiations resumed between the Faculty Association and Southern Illinois University Carbondale, according to the Faculty Association.

SIUC administrators, the union and a federal mediator sat down and resumed talking at 3 p.m. Sunday, FA President Randy Hughes said.

Late Sunday night talks continued.  Both spokespersons for the Union and SIU administrators say that it's a positive step both sides are talking.

"A federal mediator is not a guarantee of success. And we need a tentative agreement,"said David Johnson spokesperson for the SIU Faculty Association.

"We need to get a tentative agreement as soon as we can to put an end to this strike. And get faculty back in classrooms."

The union representing SIUC's tenured faculty announced it was striking early Thursday.

The SIU Faculty Association strike enters day four. Union officials are expected to meet Sunday evening to discuss further bargaining and the strike.

Randy Hughes, FA President, and Morteza Daneshdoost, the FA's bargaining chair made two announcements at the after-picketing dinner Saturday night.

FA officials say there will be an open meeting for all faculty, whether they are a FA member or not, Sunday at the Carbondale Civic Center, from 5-7 p.m. Faculty is expected to get  up-to-date information about bargaining and the strike.

"I think for many of us the positive element of the strike so far has been the tremendous out pouring of support we've seen from people outside the faculty association. And particularly from our students," said Johnson.

A spokesperson for the SIU Administrators, Rod Sievers said Saturday, that the university sent the union a letter on Friday wanting to resume negotiations.

"We did sent them a letter inviting them to begin talking again on Monday to get back to the negotiating table," said Sievers.

The FA wrote in statement Sunday on their website, "We need to remain vigilant to make sure that a mutual agreement is obtained through renewed bargaining."

Graduate and Professional Student Council leadership at SIU Carbondale have said they support the strike, and call on the administration to offer fair contracts to faculty.

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