Corps continues working on Birds Point for "Operation Make Safe"

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Army Corps of Engineers are continuing to rebuild the levee the Birds Point.

According to Corps officials, the upper crevasse is 95 percent completed; the lower crevasse is 98 percent completed; and the center crevasse is 56 percent completed.

Officials say survey results at the upper crevasse indicate that the entire 9,000 feet of levee is at or above the Cairo gage elevation.

The only work left at the lower crevasse is grass seeding to prevent erosion, according to the Corps.

At the center crevasse, clay placement was suspended this week until the ground completely dries.

Wednesday, crews spread clay land-side of the levee at the upper crevasse.

Phase I (upper crevasse) of the project repairs the levee at the three crevasse locations to provide interim protection to a flood elevation of 51 feet on the gage at Cairo, and 39 feet at New Madrid by November 30.

Phase II (center, lower crevasse) protects the upper crevasse to 55 feet on the gage at Cairo.

The required completion date for all work is November 30, 2011.

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