An app for everything: Greeting card apps

LOUISVILLE (WAVE) -  With a new iPhone 4S model selling millions over the past week, the apps that make them so much fun just keep coming.  They can even help you connect with the old school way of keeping in touch, and making business contacts.  There are even apps to let you make, send and receive your own greeting cards.

You can now flick your business card to someone else with just your iPhone, using a totally freee app called "Cardflick".   It includes all sorts of cool themes to choose from.  Just add your info and a picture of yourself or a logo and, just like that you have a business card you can transfer to another iPhone or email to someone.

"Business Card Reader" for iPhone and Android helps you organize all those cards you get from business connections.  It takes a picture of that stack of business cards on your desk, and scans it into your address book.

And then there's Apples' new "Cards" app for the iPhone.  It's a free download that lets you make your own personalized, customized greeting cards.  You use your own photos, type in your own text, fill in the envelope and for $2.99 a card, it's printed in Letterpress and snail-mailed to anyone in the U.S., including postage.

There's also all sorts of other apps that help you send digital greeting cards to your friends email, or even their phones.

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