YourTurn - 11/4/11

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Ben Eubanks from DuQuoin, Illinois:
"Ameren wants Illinois users to pay for the upgrade of their grid. They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on television and newspaper ads. This is how the politicians get elected. It should not be the people using electricity to pay for upgrading (Ameren's) system. Ameren is donating to our Congressmen in an effort to get our government on their band wagon…how do the poor cope? Do they do without food or drugs?"
Mark Trankle from Cape Girardeau:
"I am surprised that the American Cancer Society has such a say in our taxes. Just because they know smoking can cause cancer they decide that smokers should pay more taxes to cover medical expenses…what about other citizens with bad habits covering their medical expenses by paying more taxes…if we were to tax unhealthy food products an extra 22% there would be far more taxes paid and possibly make healthier foods more affordable and (we) would put a stop to America's obesity problem!!!"
Scottie La Botte from Carrier Mills, Illinois:
"Enough is enough! We have to stop (allowing) lawyers from reading the Constitution. The latest attack on the Bald Knob Cross project by an atheist from Chicago is crazy. Have they stopped teaching history in school?...what makes anyone think that because a state gives money to preserve what is considered a landmark is against the Constitution?

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