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A lot of rain across the Heartland at 4:15 this morning.
A lot of rain across the Heartland at 4:15 this morning.
(Source: YouTube) A Texas judge in trouble for beating his disabled daughter - see the story at 6 a.m.
(Source: YouTube) A Texas judge in trouble for beating his disabled daughter - see the story at 6 a.m.

Good Morning
Today is Thursday, November 3

We're starting out pretty wet this morning. Brian's been watching the radar as a large system of rain moves over the Heartland. He will be updating you throughout the morning on-air to make sure you know what to expect as you head out the door.

Overnight there have been some major developments with the strike negotiations between SIUC employee unions and the university. At least one union is now on strike while two others have reached an agreement. We'll bring you the very latest live from campus starting at 5 a.m.

We are still working to gather more details about a missing Dyer County mother this morning. She's been missing since Halloween night.

This morning at 6 we also have a disturbing story coming out of Texas. It's really something you have to see to believe… online video of a judge beating his disabled daughter years ago with a belt. It's causing quite a controversy and may even cost the judge his job.

Now - have you heard about the Pregnancy Diet? You will this morning if you're watching The Breakfast Show at 5:45. The strange thing about this diet is that it does not involve you getting pregnant.

And speaking of what you do or do not know - what's your Flu IQ? This morning around 6:20 Stephanie Byars is putting you to the test to see if you know how to properly protect yourself and your family against the flu this year. And here's a hint - it's not only a flu shot.

I hate to even bring it up before Thanksgiving, but I know many of us are already thinking about Christmas shopping. But are you one of the thousands (maybe even millions) of people who are still paying off last year's Christmas shopping debt? Yeah - you're not alone. And that's not all either; we'll also talk about blowing your budget. See this at 5:10 this morning.

And if you've been a good boy or girl and Santa brings you a new big screen TV, don't become a statistic. It turns out many people are getting injured when their big screen crushes them! And that's a pretty big deal!

Finally - if you have The Breakfast Show turned on and up at 6:15 this morning get ready to hear some amazing wild animals live in our studio. You'll just have to tune in to see what I'm really talking about.

Thanks for getting up early with us today - we appreciate you joining us.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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