Family and police continue to search for Jacque Waller

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - It's been five months since Jacque Waller disappeared, and family and police say they will continue to search.

"We'll find her, I'm 100 percent confident," said Robert Sherrill, who grew up with Jacque Waller and is dedicated to finding her. "We won't stop 'till we do."

Sherrill admitted the possibility of finding Jacque alive doesn't look good, but said he won't stop searching.

"She's missing, presumed dead," Sherill said. "I'm pretty sure she is, not that far away, and that bothers me."

"Yeah, we still hope that we can find her," said Jacque's mother Ruby Rawson. "We're not happy with what the outcome will be, but we think that shell come home."

Rawson tells me the last five months have taken a toll on their family.

"Terribly draining, trying to explain to her children where she is," said Rawson. "And I don't know, it's just taken a toll on us that's for sure. We just still can't believe that this has happened to our daughter."

Jackson Police and the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department say they too keep looking for Jacque. Sheriff Lt. David James says the five month mark can be frustrating.

"We have to maintain hope that we can find her," said James.

He says the fall weather is much nicer than the summer heat, and encourages citizens to join in the search.

"If they would spend sometime this fall out checking their own properties," said James. "If you do see anything suspicious or unusual contact the Jackson Police Department or Sheriff's office here in Jackson."

With hunting seasons, the volunteers are sure to wear reflective vests while searching through rural land. Sherrill says so far, the searchers have covered more than 700 acres of land, and will continue to press on.

"That map when we first started was very big, and now that map is getting very small," said Sherrill.

"We won't give up, we'll keep looking," said James.

"I made Stan [Jacque's father] a promise that I'd bring her home, and I plan on doing that," said Sherrill. "If we have to search every inch of this county, we will eventually find her."

"We'll bring her home soon, I'm fairly confident in that," said Rawson.

Searchers will be out again this Saturday. James says these new spots are a result of the ongoing investigation.

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