Scott County plant taking applications instead of handing out pink slips

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Could the tide finally be turning? Local cities and companies continue showing signs of growth and economic improvement.

In a time where it seems the news is full of stories about layoffs and company closures, some places are hiring.

In Oran, one business is growing so fast people there can hardly keep up.

Business is booming at Manac Trailers in Oran. The company makes semi-trailers from start to finish. Some of their clients include those in the logging, construction, forestry and agriculture industry.

"As those industries have grown over the past year, we have seen great growth," said Dana Lynch-Manac Trailers Human Resource Manager.

To keep up with demand, the company has had to quickly add staff.

"In April of 2010 we had about 74 employees," said Lynch. "In one year and about 6 months we've grown to 315."

It's great news for employees who had been out of work.

"I have been looking for six months," said new employee Derek Richards.

Manac is a Canadian company which took ownership in Oran in 2002.

"The company I was working for moved out so the fact that this one moved in from Canada was great," said Lynch.

Manac also owns a plant in Kennett which closed a few years ago. It re-opened in 2010 with even more employees.

"We do have our ups and downs in our industry," said Lynch.  She says the biggest problem right now is making room for all the growth and changes.

"It is a very good problem to have. We're very fortunate right now."

Nathan Walter also feels fortunate. He spent plenty of time unemployed.

"I was looking for quite awhile, it was pretty tough," said Nathan Walter. "It's a growing company and just from me being here a year I can see it's gotten a lot busier."

Busy is better for employees who are happy to have a job doing what they enjoy.

"I love what I do", said Derek Richards.

Manac trailers is still hiring at both the Kennett and Oran locations. They have about 50 spots to fill.

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