Does it Work Wednesday: One Step Bowl Cleaner

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - Scrubbing a toilet is not easy and never fun. Scrubbing Bubbles says it'll do it for you though with the new One Step Bowl Cleaner.  Simply attach the spray to your toilet bowl rim, step on the pad to activate, and your bowl cleans itself!  A full can lasts 30 days, supposedly, if you only use it twice a day.  I took it to Janice Thomas' home in Scott City where she and her friend, Anita Smith, tested it.

"I think it has possibilities. It's easy to assemble. I do think my grand kids would have too much fun with this though. They'd keep pressing the button to activate it."

We found the spray does "over-shoot" a bit, so it can clean under the rim, but Anita and Janice say that just means extra disinfecting to other places in the bathrooms.

"I like it, but I don't like the cost of having to replace it. Refills are between three and four dollars," Anita said.

"I do think it sanitizes more than those tabs you can drop in the tank. I do not think anything will ever replace good ole' scrubbing. This might make the job easier," said Janice.

We pressed the sprayer many times and the toilet bowl ring never cleared. "I'd still give it a good grade 'B'.  Each homeowner can decide if they want to keep refilling it and if it would work for them," said Janice.

Janice and Anita agreed to keep the product for 30 days to see how it goes and report back to us.  A starter kit is $10. Again, refill cans cost between $3 and $4.  I bought the kit at KMart in Cape Girardeau.  Meantime, it's a clean flush for Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Bowl Cleaner, earning a B on this Does it Work Test.