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Scott County house fire
Scott County house fire
Multi vehicle wreck on I-55
Multi vehicle wreck on I-55

Good Morning!
Today is Tuesday, November 1

If you liked our Halloween weather then you're in for an extra treat today. Brian says the weather around here should be just as nice. But he's also talking about a change coming our way later in the week.

This morning on The Breakfast Show we're working a few overnight stories. A large, multi-vehicle wreck tied up traffic on I-55 last night for hours. We now know what caused it. Watch for new video.

On The Breakfast Show today we also have some new information about a house fire in Scott County near the drag strip. We'll tell you why this fire relates to the wreck on I-55.

This morning there's also new information about a head-on crash involving a local police car.

Lauren, Jim and Stephanie will also be talking about some good news this morning. There are actually some banks that are getting rid of some fees! Yeah - you read that right. See what it is around 6:10 this morning.

Around 5:10 we'll tell you about a process that may save you from losing your home if you're close to foreclosure.

Something you won't lose according to new research out today - inches off your waistline if you keep downing fruit juice. How can something so healthy be bad for you? See the story at 5:40 this morning.

And how well can your husband grow a mustache? Why, you ask? Because today starts Movember. A month where men can grow out their best 'stache to raise awareness for men's health. Specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. Stephanie will tell us more about it around 6:40.

So grab some more coffee, don't worry about shaving (Movember) and join Jim, Lauren and Brian for The Breakfast Show starting Monday through Friday at 4:30 a.m.

Thanks for getting up early with us today!

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