Family finds tie with Cardinals World Series title

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Leah Faringer and her family have a unique connection to the Cardinals, and this year's World Series win, only made it stronger.

"I found it in my baby book when I was like 5 years old that the Cardinals won the World Series the year I was born," said Leah Faringer.

Faringer and her family are dedicated Cardinals fans.

"They [were] always talking about the Cardinals," said her brother Daran McDonald.

So when Faringer's son, Seth, was born in 2011, Faringer hoped the two of them could share that World Series title in their birth years.

But as she looked further, they wouldn't be the only ones in the family tree.

Of the eleven years the Cardinals have won the World Series, Faringer's family has had a generation born five of them.

Both of Faringer's grandmothers, Blanche McDonald, and Maxine Hicks, were born in 1926. Her mother, Joyce Kirkeiner, and father, Mike McDonald were born in 1946. Her brother, Daran McDonald was born in 1967, and Leah Faringer in 1982. The latest family member to complete the tradition, is her son Seth Faringer in 2011.

"So I was like, 'everyone was born the year the Cardinals won the World Series'," said Faringer. "I was like how many times does that happen."

"My sister had realized that, and brought that to my attention and I thought yeah that's something," said McDonald.

"It's pretty wild it does correlate with so many years," said Faringer.

It's something her family could barely believe.

"Everybody was like are you sure?" said Faringer.

"It's just I hope we can keep the cycle going," said McDonald.

More than just McDonald wants to keep the cycle going, and they want it to happen sooner than later.

"My brother's wife said 'yeah you need to have a kid in 2012, so maybe they'll win again'," said Faringer.

"Maybe they can have another," said McDonad. "Get one on the way, and get Cardinals to pull another one off."

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