Are child Halloween costumes getting too sexy?

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Some parents say some kids' Halloween costumes are getting too risque.

Now the holiday that is supposed to be about scary and candy is turning into something all together different.

"It's been very challenging this year because my girls are young and every outfit that they have looked at this year seems to be a little bit too racy," said Betsy Shoemake of Carterville.

"And they've totally changed it in my mind, I don't think it's fun anymore."

Exactly why the girls' costumes are much more revealing than the boys' costumes, some parents couldn't say. But they do say the girls are more risque.

"They are a little more risque even with the little kids costumes," said Erica Grubbs of Carbondale.

"They're showing a little more than they probably should. So we plan on putting things under their costumes to keep them appropriate."

Some parents say that getting dressed up for the day of ghosts and goblins is fine. They would just like to see a little less skin.

"It's more acceptable it's Halloween, yes lets dress up. But really it's not," said Tina Dudley of Goreville.

"We don't dress that way all year round so lets not pick a day and flaunt everything that we have, especially at a young age."

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