Authorities team up for prescription drug take back

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Police say there is a growing prescription drug problem among teens.

In order to battle the problem the Williamson County Sheriff's Office teamed up with the Drug Enforcement Agency to collect expired and unwanted prescription drugs.

The drug take back program is in its third year and Deputy Brian Murrah says it's an important one in keeping drugs out of teens hands.

"We are starting to realize and recognize that fact that we're having big problems with prescription drug abuse," said Deputy Murrah. "Most of those times those prescription drugs come out of someone's medicine cabinet at home."

Some teens admit that prescription drugs are easy for them to get.

"They are because kids my age know, but they think it's cool to do them," said Jacqueline Fowler.

"And they're really not they can cause you a lot of damage to your body which you'll regret later on in life."

Which is why police say collecting the drugs before they get out onto the streets is key.

"It's not really a street corner trade as mush as it's a come out of the medicine cabinet trade," said Deputy Murrah.

"I know schools are starting to see a noticeable increase in the problems, it's significant in junior high and high schools especially."

All of the drugs collected during the take back program will now be destroyed by the DEA.

More than 80 pounds of prescription drugs were collected in Williamson County on Saturday afternoon.

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