Investigation continues after foodborne illnesses reported in St. Louis region

ST. LOUIS (KFVS) - Health officials are continuing to investigate the cause of foodborne illnesses in the St. Louis region.

The testing is being performed at the Mo. State Public Health Laboratory (SPHL).

Health officials say the SPHL is currently testing 34 specimens reported to contain E. coli. They say while tests to confirm the E. coli strain takes several days, 18 specimens have tested positive for shiga toxin, a byproduct of E. coli.

Testing of the other specimens are underway.

DHSS epidemiologist, disease investigators and food safety experts are working with colleagues at the local and federal level to identify the cause.

Public health officials continue to urge anyone experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms, including severe stomach cramps, diarrhea or nausea, to seek medical attention.

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