World Series effect in the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cardinals fever. Fans love to show their support, and businesses cashed in.

Businesses like Bel-Air Bar and Grill made special arrangements like extra TVs, a large projector, an Extreme Cardinals Fan contest, and different specials for each inning.

"Well normally by now our business has kind of started to die down, but with the Cardinals making it to the World Series, obviously that's helped a little bit with our evening business," said Bel-Air Owner Misty Thrower.

"It has definitely helped out business, we're always a steady business on Fridays and Saturdays, but we've definitely had a lot more regulars come in, it's done wonders for our business," said Buffalo Wild Wings Manager Phil Brocks.

"I would love to be up there of course, but this is the next best thing right here," said Cardinals Fan Cheryle Ellermann.

Ellermann isn't the only Cardinals fan that's glad to celebrate in the Heartland.

"You can have 40,000 of your friends, or you can have 5 of your friends, you're still going to have the night of your life," said Cardinals Fan Rob Foeste. "You make your own atmosphere. That's why Busch Stadium is great, that's why the Midwest is great, cause we make our own fun."

Ellermann says she got to Buffalo Wild Wings at 1:30 PM to save a table for her friends and family to watch the game.

"Because I wanted to make sure my friends had a place to celebrate this night, and this is an awesome night," said Ellermann. "If you can't make it up there, you might as well be right here."

"It's been amazing in here, the atmosphere has been crazy, obviously we got a lot of locals here in Cape, a lot of locals that love the Cardinals," said Brocks.

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