Investigators say open gas line to blame for Murphysboro explosion

(Source: Robert Cox)
(Source: Robert Cox)
Investigators say an explosion in Murphysboro in September was likely caused by a complete open gas line.
According to Murphysboro Fire Chief Steve Swafford, the house at 436 South 15th Street exploded because of a natural gas leak.
Through an investigation by the fire department, police department, state fire marshal, Ameren and insurance company investigators, they all concluded that given the amount of natural gas that accumulated, an open gas line had to be the cause.
They say involvement by a  person or some people had to be necessary to create the opening, whether accidental or intentional.
The exact location of the leak could not be found.
Investigators say the case remains under investigation.

If anyone has information on the case call (618) 684-3991. A reward may be available up to $2500 from the Ill. Arson Awards program.

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