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KFVS12 Text Alerts


You can now get Heartland News text alerts sent straight to your phone!  Sign up for breaking news, severe weather, 3-day weather forecast, school closing text alerts, national sports scores, and lottery.  Click here to sign up!


iOS, Android and Blackberry users can now download the KFVS12 news app to their phones to take the news with you wherever you go.  The apps provide updated news, weather, sports, and video 24/7.

Smartphone users: Click on your phone to the right for a link to the app. iPhone | Android | Blackberry

Users can install the KFVS12 news app using the text messaging feature on their phones:

  • iPhone users: text 'KFVSIPHONE' to 78464. You will receive a download link sent back to your phone.
  • Android users: text 'KFVSANDROID' to 78464 to receive the download link on your phone.
  • Blackberry users: text 'KFVSBLACKBERRY' to 78464 for the download link.

Or just search for "KFVS12" in your respective App markets.  You must have iOS 4.2 or higher.  To update your operating system, just plug your iPhone into your MAC or PC and follow the on screen instructions in iTunes.

Users can also download the apps using QR code shortcuts.  A QR (quick response) codes is like a digital bar code.  With your desktop or laptop system, and your properly equipped smartphone at hand, the QR code display below is a simple, reliable, one-stop place to get all our apps. A 'properly equipped' smartphone is simply one that has a bar code /QR code reader app installed, many of which are free to the user. When you use the code reader app to scan our QR codes, your smartphone will show a direct link that makes it easy to download and install the selected app in a single step.

Scan the QR code below for the Android news app.

Scan the QR code below for the iPhone news app.

To save space on your smartphone and assure you are getting the latest updates from Heartland News, we advise users to uninstall our old news app as soon as possible.  The old app can be identified by its association with a company called LSN Mobile which is listed in the installation information - this is the one to UNinstall.  The new app has our parent company, Raycom Media, associated with it.

If you don't have an Android-enabled phone, iPhone or Blackberry just go to myKFVS.com for the latest news, weather and sports updates.


Android and iOS users can also download the new KFVS StormTeam weather app for an interactive map, 10-day and hourly forecasts, watch the latest StormTeam forecast (video), and the latest watch/warning information.  It also includes storm and earthquake plotting.  Plus, you can get urgent weather alerts sent to your phone!

KFVS StormTeam Weather app: iPhone | Android

Search for "KFVS" or "KFVSweather" in the Android Market or Apple App store. 

Scan the image below with your Android phone to download the app.


Scan the image below with your iPhone or iPod to download the app.


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