Kennett woman accused of trying to set husband, house on fire

Jessie Mae Davis (Dunklin County Sheriff's Office)
Jessie Mae Davis (Dunklin County Sheriff's Office)

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - A Kennett woman was put behind bars Sunday and accused of trying to set her husband and house on fire with kerosene.

According to court documents, Jessie Mae Davis, 67, of Kennett was accused of class B felony of assault in he first degree and Class C felony of arson in the second degree.

Kennett Police say on Sunday, Oct. 23 Davis tried to seriously injure her husband, Curtis Davis, by throwing kerosene on him and trying to light him on fire.

Police also say she attempted to start a fire in their home on West 5th Street. This all follows an argument with her husband that morning, according to court documents.

According the probable cause statement, Curtis Davis said that "Jessie Mae Davis had tried to set him and their house on fire by using kerosene."

He also told officers that "Jessie Mae started arguing with him" telling him "she would burn him and the house up because he had stole her wallet."

Officers say in the probable cause statement Mr. Davis went to "put his things in his car for work" and Mrs. Davis had "locked the doors so he could not get back in."

The report states, Mr. Davis tried to get in through another door using his key as Mrs. Davis was right in front of him "holding a small jar filled with kerosene."

Mr. Davis told officers that Mrs. Davis "then threw the kerosene at him with the liquid hitting him in the face and chest area." Mr. Davis also stated that Mrs. Davis "started to light a piece of paper on fire that she had in her hand by using a small lighter and was going to light him on fire." Mr. Davis says he was able to knock the paper out of her hands telling her "she was crazy" and left the home.

Mr. Davis told officers after returning from a convenience store, he saw "a small fire on the ground just in front of the west side door that leads to the kitchen." After kicking the fire, he noticed it was "some rags on fire."

Mr. Davis also told officers he then "entered the door on the west side and noticed the bedroom where he slept was on fire."

After failing to find Mrs. Davis, he went to the police station to report the fire.

When officers responded to the home, they also noticed "some type of flammable odor most likely kerosene in both the kitchen and bedroom."

Officers found Mrs. Davis at an abandoned house across the street. While interviewing Mrs. Davis, she told officers that she was "trying to find a safe place because she had thrown gas on (Mr.) Curtis and was going to light (Mr. Curtis) on fire," according to the probable cause statement.

According to the probable cause, Mrs. Davis afterward wrote in a statement that "she threw coal-oil/Kerosene" in his face to hurt him because they had been fighting and that the paper had went out.

Mrs. Davis was taken to the Dunklin County Jail on 24-hour hold on $30,000 bond.

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