Increase your chances of getting a college scholarship

(KFVS) - With November deadlines for many college scholarships looming, anxious students, and their parents, are trying to line up as much money for school as they can.

But while many kids used to pursue the one big scholarship that would cover most costs, now a smart strategy is to try to assemble a range of smaller scholarships.

The reasoning being, of course, is that there is a lot of competition with those big, national scholarships.

So, smaller, local or regional scholarships could be a better bet.

How do you find them?

Well, the first step is to fill out a profile here, or a site like this.

Based on the information you provide, things like your background, test scores, grades and interests, you're matched to potential scholarships.

Also, make sure you ask your school guidance counselor for the list of local scholarships.

If you're a member of any civic or business groups, check to see if they offer scholarships to members' children.

Many do.

And don't forget to check into scholarships for students of certain ethnicities or backgrounds.

Remember the only thing you should pay for when you apply for a scholarship is a stamp.

If an organization asks for an application fee, that's a red flag.

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