Afternoon update: Redbird fever heats up the Heartland!

Sophie, Colt, and Londyn show their Cardinals pride in Sikeston, MO!
Sophie, Colt, and Londyn show their Cardinals pride in Sikeston, MO!

Fans across the Heartland have come down with Redbird fever!  Symptoms include seeing red, an urge to each hotdogs and nachos, outbursts of yelling "Do it for Torty!" and a sudden affinity to squirrels.  Todd Richards is at Busch Stadium tonight to bring you game one of the World Series as the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Texas Rangers.  Send in your Cardinals spirit pictures to or upload them hereCheck out this slideshow of pics from Cardinals fans across the country.

In news, the Occupy Carbondale movement heats up as protestors and police have an actual tug-of-war of sorts.  Carly O'Keefe went to the Southern Illinois University campus where protestors remain steadfast.
It's a problem that affects millions of students every day.  Studies show one out of four kids is bullied. But one local student says he's no longer staying quiet about the problem.  Julia Bruck talked with the West Frankfort jr. high student about how he's standing up to bullying.

Social Security benefits will go up by 3.6 percent next year, the first increase since 2009 for the one in five Americans who rely on government retirement and disability programs.

Investigators armed with shovels, rakes and bomb-detection equipment scoured the Kansas City home and yard of a family today who say their baby was abducted from her crib as they slept.

The Charleston City Council voted to permanently close the city pool that was built in the 1930s.

In this week's Does it Work test...Makers of EZ Moves promise the special "power bar" gives you "ten times your natural strength" so Does it Work?