YourTurn - 10/21/11

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Mark Trankle from Cape Girardeau:
"I'm so tired of hearing about religion and politics! This (geographical) area is so affected by its 'Biblical' beliefs and can't grow past it. Religion does not have any business in politics. That is why they were separated…(I) have never seen such a miserable group of people who refuse to get past (religious) differences and find out what is best for the future! Keep your Biblical beliefs to yourself!"

Heartland viewer Beverly Cook:
"I would like to know why gas prices keep rising and the price of oil is going down. There has got to be some price gouging going on. Can't (KFVS12) investigate this and find out? This is important…who knows you might open a Pandora's Box."

Ray Koch from Piedmont, Missouri:
"Why doesn't KFVS12 do a (segment) on how much oil costs the producer from start to finish? Show how much the (oil) companies are really making on each gallon we buy."

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