Does it Work Wednesday: EZ Moves

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Makers of EZ Moves promise the special "power bar" gives you "ten times your natural strength" so Does it Work?

I enlisted the help of KFVS Internet Content Director Christy Hendricks, who, after all, helped me move a 350-pound furniture hutch four years ago with another moving device.

Christy and I had trouble getting a couch onto the actual power bar. We found it was much easier to move the couch with the set of gliders included with EZ Moves.  We did find the power lifter helpful though when moving an extra heavy soda cooler.  We adjusted the fulcrum on the lever, which allowed us to move it with more ease.

So, to break the tie, we tried to move a Heartland News car, just like the commercial shows!  You probably predicted we could not do that.  Christy's flailing legs though get a "thumbs up" from me for her good effort!

"I wouldn't pay $20 for this set. The furniture gliders are helpful, but we only used the Power Bar part of the time. I think if you have someone who can do heavy lifting, you're much better off than paying $20 for this," said Christy.

I agree....EZ Moves moves on outta here with an above-average C+ on this Does it Work test. You can buy it at Walmart.

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