How to stop junk mail

(KFVS) - If you think you get a lot of junk mail now, just wait!

To make up for some of its revenue losses this year, the post office is relaxing the rules that limit the number of mailed sales pitches you receive.

So instead of the 41 pounds of junk mail the average American receives right now, you could get much more.

So how do you get companies to stop sending you this stuff?

Well, there are some websites that can help.

Click here for the site of a non-profit group that helps you block catalogs you don't want.

Just enter the name of the company, and fill out an online form to take you off the mailing list.

If you're tired of getting credit card offers and insurance offers, click here.

You can opt out of getting those offers for five years, or take your name off the lists for good.

But remember, doing that will mean you don't get any credit card offers, though the site does allow you to opt back in later.

And click here for another good site to check out.

It lets you opt out of credit card offers, magazine offers and more, and also lets you change your preferences over time.

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