Health officials order certain meats from processor to be destroyed

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - The Department of Health has ordered contaminated vacuum packed chicken breast and ground pork products at Reis Meat Processing in Pocahontas to be destroyed.

According to a press release from DOH, tests finalized Friday on the vacuum packed chicken and pork revealed abnormally high bacteria levels. This caused the state health agency to order the meats destroyed.

Owner Revis Reisenbichler says it's a total of about 30 packages of raw chicken breasts and ground pork were found to be contaminated.

He said they were "leftovers" and he's positive he never sold any contaminated product to the public.

Out of 15 products, Reisenbichler says only two failed the health test.  The place also passed an inspection several weeks ago, just a few days after it had failed another one.

Other products including cuts of beef, sausage, bacon and turkey did not have the high bacteria levels, according to health officials.

Health officials say consumers who bought the vacuum packed chicken breast and ground pork should discard the product.

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