YourTurn - 10/14/11

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Anitha Perez from Carbondale, Illinois:
"I would like to see more of Mike Smythe's ViewPoints on the air. They are very important and bring more viewers to KFVS12 news. Keep up the good work."
Heartland viewer Alan Wilson:
"I don't understand why the President and congress won't help the American worker? The middle class keep this country going…I speak for all the men and women who work for a living. We deserve better than this. I believe the President is trying but he is going the wrong way about it spending millions of dollars we don't have."
David Ziegenhorn from Sikeston, Missouri:
"I appreciate the effort that everyone (from KFVS12) put forth to make the WebCast of the Sikeston Cotton Carnival Parade (a success)…all of the production people did a great job…I hope the parade WebCast was good for the station and we can continue to make it an annual event…thanks and keep up the good work."

[We'd like to thank the great sponsors in Sikeston that helped make the parade WebCast happen! --Paul Keener, Director of Marketing, KFVS12]

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