SIU students protest in support of union contracts

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Dozens of students protested on the SIU campus Wednesday afternoon, to show their support for a contract settlement.

With the threat of a strike looming by members of four unions on campus the students took to the walkways outside Anthony Hall.

They marched and chanted while carrying signs to voice their intentions and aggravation with the contract negotiations between university administrators and the unions.

"We're here to try and put some pressure on the administration into really bargaining because all they've been doing so far is stone-walling," said Alexandra Kane student and co-organizer of the protest.

"And that is not okay, that's not their job. Their job is to collectively bargain and support the union's rights. That's why we're here because they haven't."

With each beat of the drum the student marched around the SIU Chancellor's office building and other university administrators, sending them a unified voice.

"I feel like there will have to be an agreement eventually," said Sam Perry student and protestor.

"The unions are going to have to give a little bit. The administration is going to have to give up a little in order to have a compromise. If they can't reach a compromise, I imagine the unions will go on strike. And that would definitely cause a lot of raucous around here on campus."

The students have already planned their next protest for Friday afternoon, and they will be marching around Anthony Hall.

They will gather for an organizational meeting on Sunday afternoon at the Morris Library.

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