Protect your business from counterfeit money

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Police are still looking for suspects using counterfeit money throughout the state.

Dexter Police Detective Cory Mills says the two people arrested in Poplar Bluff for trying to use fake $20 bills are just part of a group trying to pass them in places like Cape Girardeau, Sikeston, and Dexter. He says they are actively looking for the others still out there.

Officer Darin Hickey with the Cape Girardeau Police Department says stores should be sure to use a special pen to check the authenticity of the money customers use.

If it stays clear or orange, the money is ok. If it turns black or blue, it's questionable.

Hickey says people who try to use fake money look for busy stores, so the clerks aren't paying as much attention.

Davey Jackson at Rude Dog Pub in downtown Cape Girardeau says no matter how busy they get, they're sure to check the bills.

"We check all bills $20 and bigger," said Jackson. "Either mark them with a pin, or we run them under a light to check for markings."

He says that's helped them catch phony cash.

"Every person that's tried to pass a bill we have caught, and we just turn them into the police immediately," said Jackson.

Hickey says it can be useful to also look for the watermark on bills. He says sometimes people will try to wash the ink out of a smaller bill, and reprint it with a larger amount. Therefore, it would be the same paper, with the same feel, but if you look at the watermark, you can tell the correct value.

Hickey says they don't tend to see a big problem in the area. He says sometimes they see people swing through the Heartland hitting different towns, which is what they believe might be the case in this situation with Cape, Sikeston, Dexter, and Poplar Bluff.

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