Does it Work Wednesday: Insta Golf Shoes

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - "Feels a little weird."

Tyler Profilet is taking a swing while testing Insta Golf shoes.

Insta Golf shoes slip over tennis shoes, claiming to be more comfortable and more portable when you're traveling. The shoes just hit the market and were invented by former Cape Girardeau Police Chief Rick Hetzel. He now manages a golfing vacation company and grew tired of having one more pair of golfing shoes to pack along his travels.

"You know what they say? Necessity is the mother of invention. It's a simple idea, and people seem to like it," said Hetzel.

Will we?

Tyler wears the shoes on a dewy morning and says he is getting good traction. "It's not affecting my game."

He says the Insta Golf shoes aren't rubbing up on his tennis shoes either, and he's almost forgotten he's wearing them. "So far so good."

I also tell Tyler to walk uphill to test how the shoes feel. "I like 'em."

Next, we dig in for this part of the test. "Sand, some place I find myself often," laughed Tyler.

Jokes aside, Tyler has no trouble digging out while wearing Insta Golf shoes. "Anytime I can just throw on my regular shoes I'm running in and then throw it over to get traction on a golf course, it's certainly practical."

Although Tyler points out, these treads don't offer weather protection like normal golf shoes. Insta Golf shoes are about half the price Tyler would pay for normal golf shoes at almost $50 a pair.

That said, we think junior golfers who outgrow shoes quickly and travelers would like these the most.

"I'd give them a solid B+ which is a good grade."

I agree. Insta Golf Shoes are par for the course, earning a B+.  You can buy them online.

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